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Splat n Flash Slime

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Soft and squishy as it oozes through your fingers, there's something unusually satisfying about handling slime. Tap the pot of Splat n Flash Slime and it'll come to life, flashing with white lightning effects, zapping through the slime for extra cool factor! Allow the slime to ooze over your hands and the little LED ball inside will automatically activate whenever it's knocked, illuminating your slime bonus play points!


Splat n Flash light up slime

LED ball in slime illuminates when knocked

Available in six neon colours; orange, green, blue, pink, yellow and red (please note that colours will be chosen at random unless specified at checkout)

Batteries included

Size of slime pot: 6cm (H) x 4.8cm (diameter)

Suitable for ages 6yrs+