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Miss Cutie Pie 24 Day Cosmetic Advent Calendar

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Contains 2 x Nail Polish (4.5ml), 2 x 3c Eyeshadows (0.8g each), 3 x Lip Liner Pencil (0.7g), 2 x Lip Glosses (3.5ml), 1 x Lip Gloss Tube (8ml), 1 x Lipstick (3.5g), 2 x Lip Balms (3.2g), 1 x Nail Gems, 1 x Hair Band, 1 x Toe Separator, 1 x Nail Stickers, 1 x Pencil Sharpener, 1 x Nail File, 1 x Hair Clip, 2 x Double Ended Foam Applicators & 2 x Powder Brushes

A cute calendar for christmas to give you a cute look everyday!