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Frosted Hanging Car Air Fresheners

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Simple to use, and simple to refill!
No need to keep re buying air fresheners, when they run out or if you get bored of a certain scent just refil.

The bottle holds up to 8ml. Simply mix 6ml Augeo baseand 2ml of your chosen fragrance and pour into the bottle, adjust your formula to your own preferences on strength/budget, you can use 100% fragrance if you prefer. Screw on the cap, tip the bottle upside down and allow your fragrance to soak into the wooden cap. This then slowly releases the fragrance into the car, every so often invert the bottle to allow more fragrance to soak the cap.

Size: 5.3cm x 2.2cm/2.10″ x 0.0.86″ (Approx.)

Due to the light and screen settings on your device colours of the bottles may slightly vary.
When filled, car diffuser contents need to be kept upright to avoid spillage. Rough handling can cause leakage which can damage surfaces.